NOTE: This description is still a work in progress and not yet complete …

This page describes an electronic amulet which I build for the kids in my environment for chrismas 2017. I built a total of 4.

Here a video to get a first impression:


The amulett is built from off the shelf parts. I partly bought them at the german stores “Conrad” and “Reichelt”. Some of them I already had laying around, like the hot glue gun and other tools.

The project is based around an Atmega 328P which is hotglued in dead bug style to the case. Then all connections are directly soldered to the chip.

But lets start step by step. First the parts list

Part list

All amounts are for one amulet.

From Reichelt:

 Part Number Description Amount  Price
 SP 2043 SW Kunststoffgehäuse, 54 x 37 x 21 mm 1  1,20 EUR
 ATMEGA 328P-PU ATMega AVR-RISC-Controller, DIL-28 1  2,50 EUR
RND 1206 1 470 SMD-Widerstand, 1206, 470 Ohm, 250 mW, 1% 10 0,20 EUR 

Connection plan

ATMEGA 328P connections from reversed view