Here I collect ham radio related stuff/posts


CW means “Continuous Wave” and is an abbreviation for sending Morse code on a frequency.

Since it is a textonly communication it is similar to chatting on the internet but with some more common abbreviations .

I built a small cw training tool which one can use or adjust to learn morse code with the same tool on a mobile phone and on a desktop computer. It is open source.

Another thing I built for learning cw is a simple adapter for the morse training generator of my local Amateur Radio Club (DARC DOK E13). The description is in german. I built this for the morse training so people can use normal HiFi-headphones instead of special high impedance telegraphy headphones.

For people who want to connect a key to a computer I wrote an article about key debouncing. Its of course useful in general for any switch and its output you would like to digitalize.

CW Skimmer

Ein CW Skimmer ist ein automatischer CW Dekoder der ganze Bandbereiche dekodiert und sichtbar macht. Hier z.b. mal DQ8Z in Neustadt/Hessen.

Maidenhead locator

This is a very typical locator amateur radio operators use to exchange locations. It is based on a grid overlay of the earth. I played around with them a little bit and pushed some simple conversion code to github.

4-Square phased Array Antennas

Got surprised by a contact over the Atlantic on 80m. This seems to be the “dream dx antenna” for the low bands (40m / 80m):

Ready made systems: