Gnome Nautilus Extensions

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Gnome Nautilus Extensions

Gnome Nautilus Extensions

the quick but hopefully clean tutorial … in pure C.

by Heiko Voigt, Oktober 2009 (updated January 2016)

A simple Example

So you want to write a simple nautilus extension but do not know where to start? First of all: There is a small github repository where you can get the current code to get started. It might even be the only thing you need.

cd simple-nautilus-extension-master

become root or give yourself write access to the /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-X.0/ folder and:

make install

For debugging and getting the actual output on the commandline it helps to kill nautilus and manually start it from the Terminal with

killall nautilus; nautilus


For the example I basically plugged everything from Nautilus Extensions together in a project, wrote a simple Makefile and compiled it. So now you find only two files in there: the Makefile itself and a plugin.c which are pretty much explained by the link above.

To keep things short I will stop here so you can play around with the example and let the source speak for itself.

I created this tutorial and example because I needed a starting point to port the git plugin git-cheetah to nautilus.


Here are the resources I used to assemble this example: