Jekyll candidate for my website

10 Aug 2014:

I was searching for a flexible yet simple to use software to manage my website for some time. I currently have some simple but completely static pages for that which I update via git. There is some SSI code in there to pull in headers and footer but apart from that its really very manual. I am not yet a big writer on the internet but from now and then I post some stuff. I guess mainly to remember it myself and to have a place to look it up from. Today tried (and I am still doing it here) jekyll as a replacement for the static sites.

And I must say: Up to now I really like it! It is quite intuitive to use and I got my current website design up and running in almost no time. Now I still have to look into making my design more responsive but thats a topic for another time.

So currently I am only playing with the whole thing, but it really looks promising to be a candidate that fits my needs. We will see …