CW Key debouncing

11 Apr 2020:

When connecting a switch to a computer or microcontroller you run into the problem of “debouncing” the switch. For a morse key its especially important since we have a quite high frequency of presses and releases. If the physically executed ones do not match with the input received by the computer, it gets annoying very quickly.

If you want to run recognition software on the input it becomes even more important that there is no extra noise.

If found an article that really goes into the depth of debouncing a switch: Embed With Elliot: Debounce Your Noisy Buttons, Part I

You would not think that a simple topic of debouncing can become so complicated, but there is even a part II which extends on the software debounce.

For the purpose of debouncing a morse key, I will go with a hardware solution so its more flexible and I do not have to care where I connect my key.

What really impresses me on this finding is the depth this article series goes into. I guess this somehow really satisfies the perfectionist in me. Can not wait to read more stuff about the proper debounce method :)